Thursday, September 8, 2011

True story of Goddess Bhimamma in the form of Cobra seen by Villagers

A village in Chennapatna taluk has become an amazing place. Since few years, 3-4 houses in a locality had faced severe trouble just because of a Cobra snake. It was a snake that changed the lifestyle of many. Nobody knew that they were facing the problems because of the temple that was in ruins nearby. A huge Peepal tree started growing close to the temple in ruins. Whenever the branches and shoots started growing over the roof of a particular house, the house members were in trouble. At first they could see the cobra appearing near the TV, sofa or at any place within the house. They saw it once a week or once in 10 days. And later as days passed this incident started occurring everyday. The house members faced financial insecurity and great mental stress. If they cut off the branches of the tree it would result in death of their cattle within a week.

The snake started appearing all the time until they left their homes and fled for their lives. But when they built a house at a distant place they recovered from financial problems and life went on as usual. Two of them had even killed the cobra but it appeared again at the same place. Such was the power of the cobra. At last they left their homes by themselves whenever cobra entered their houses. The villagers came to know that it was Goddess Bhimamma in the form of a cobra snake. She had to appear in this form to remind people that they lived at the same place where temple existed at one time.

One of the women in the village had seen a cobra near the well when she went to fetch water for her house. She fell down unconscious and as she fell down she could see a woman with a bright face wearing vermillion on her forehead. At one time even an old man had seen a cobra that suddenly changed to a woman and later disappeared from sight. All these incidents made the villagers aware of the supreme power of Goddess Bhimamma.

After knowing that the Goddess had immense power people started worshiping at Bhimamma's temple and a new temple was built for the Goddess. The Cobra watched the work of the temple whenever it felt like having a look at it.

The Bhimamma Temple is located at B. V. Halli, Sattanur Road, Chennapatna taluk, Ramnagar district of Karnataka state.

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