Monday, August 9, 2010

Close encounter of Dosa and divine Cobra

Dosa, the unfortunate autorickshaw driver

Dosa was a bold autorickshaw driver residing near Channapatna (city famous for wooden toys). Channapatna is a small city located 60km south-west of Bangalore, Karnataka state, India, on the Bangalore-Mysore state highway.

Dosa had come across two serpents dancing amidst the lush green fields, when he went to meet his friend, in a nearby village. The area was very close to one of his friends house. He was waiting to meet his friend there. But three women who came there insisted him to kill those playing cobras. The women thought that the cobras were a threat to the cattle and sheep which came there for grazing. Dosa was a very strong minded person. He never thought of killing the cobras as they did no harm to him or anybody standing nearby.

After sometime, his friend came to that place. He saw the two mating snakes. Once again, he too started forcing Dosa to kill the cobras. Now, Dosa couldn't reject his friend's request. He killed one of the serpents but the other one disappeared without leaving any clue of its whereabouts. He dug up the nearby hole through which it tried to escape. But after he had dug up for a few inches, he could see nothing. Hole had ended up there.

Dosa forgot the incident. But after a span of two months, one fine morning when he woke up, he couldn't see anything around him. Dosa and his house members where shocked. He went to most of the reputed hospitals in and around Bangalore. Treatments done by eye surgeons went in vain. One of the doctors also conducted the eye operation. But it was of no use. Doctors blamed Dosa himself, saying that he was just acting like a blind.

Dosa saw cobras...cobras and only cobras attacking him in his dreams, by day and by night. One of the cobras had a golden glow. It jumped and attacked him like a moving rocket. This repeated more than hundred times. Another cobra had human like eyes. But it attacked only once in his dream. These experiences where horrible.

Now, Dosa had no way, but to go in search of astrologers and temples which he hoped could do something better. After sometime, one of the astrologers told him about the mistake he did by killing a divine serpent. But it was too late and nothing could be done. He still continued going to the holy shrines to get rid of the problem. But it was not fruitful in anyway. Meanwhile, Dosa's only son died. His father was bed ridden because of a stroke. He too died after a few days. Only his wife, mother and himself were left. At this time two children were born. Both were boys. But Dosa was not lucky enough to see his children.

His friend who requested Dosa to kill the Cobras also died after he became mentally retarded. Women who insisted where not left either. One of them died because of a cobra bite. Another women was totally into a huge loss. She lost all her sheep. All the sheep died for no reason. Her life became miserable. The third woman was full of debts in her chit fund business and had to flee from her place.

Now, Dosa is waiting for a person who can miraculously heal his blindness and bring light into his life.

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